At Cityscape Displays, we continue to seek out products and processes that will minimize our environmental impact.

Cityscape Displays

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce the weight of vinyl used for short term banner programs. Re-use banners for annual banner programs. Recycle used hardware and installation materials.

Biodegrable Substrates

Continue to test and offer biodegradable substrates where appropriate. We currently offer BioFlex and fabric for clients who prefer biodegrable options.


In 2009, we teamed up with Totem bags to up-cycle our client’s vinyl banners into premium tote bags.  Even though Totem closed its doors in June 2015, Cityscape continues to offer this sustainable option through our new partner, FG Art. 

Bullfrog Power

We are proud to have recently signed on for Bullfrog power, Canada’s 100 percent green energy provider. By choosing green energy, we are further reducing our carbon footprint as well as providing our customers the opportunity to choose greener services to ensure a cleaner world for today and tomorrow.

Local Substrate Sourcing

We choose quality substrates (90%) produced within 100km of our office, rather than the offshore options to minimize the environmental burden and impact of shipping product around the world.


Wasteco collects, seperates, condenses, and ships waste to be incinerated for energy. Used licensed banners will be collected and shredded by Wasteco before incineration. Our goal is to send only our biodegrable substrates to the landfill from this point forward.